Chamonix Hike - Visit dinosaur foot prints

Languages: Français et anglais

Dinosaurs roamed the earth between 230 and 65 million years ago. Join us for a hike to visit the high plateau above Lac d'Emosson to see the 800 dinosaur footprints residing at an altitude of 2400m.

This location was designated as a Protected Site of Special Interest in November 1983 after it was discovered in 1976 by the French geologist, D. Bronner but the footprints are likely to disappear in the next half century due to erosion, so don’t wait too long to go see them!

Come as a family or as a participant in our mentor program and bring your picnic. Once we reach the spot we will have a guided visit.

Allow 5 hours for a detailed visit and wear good hiking shoes.

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