Salon des découvertes

La liste ci-dessous contient les stands proposés en 2017.

Les stands pour 2019 seront affichés prochainement.

Toutes les participantes seront automatiquement inscrites à une heure de passage au "Forum de découverte".


Animascience logo a
Initiation aux sciences de base (chimie, physique, biologie), sciences humaines (anthropologie, sociologie, psychologie), sciences médicales et de l'environnement, et les technologies.
Aded drop b
Water on hand: what volume of water to wash your hands ?
CUI a VR Cropped
CUI informatique
Virtual Reality: an immersive experience …
Observatoire b1 Cropped 400x
Astronomy: the different observation sites; creation of elements
AstroTent featuredimage 295
Astronomy tent
UnGe Institution
logo cern
LHC Displaying the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the Higgs boson particles.   
HEPIA: Institutional
hepia a Canal 4 lit mobile 3
HEPIA: hydraulic canal

Design the course of a river !

Rigorously designed, robustly constructed !
Develop the banks of a river and understand the risks associated with its flow. Learn how to exploit it to produce energy, or secure the "dry" banks and test their resistance when the water is released and invades the channel - will your constructions survive an unexpected flood ?

ISOC: sans internet
drone w package
V d Graaf
Physicope 1:
Van de Graaf, electrostatic generater
Physicope 2: SUPRAconductivité : sans résistance
supraconductivit a Magnet 4
Physiscope 3:
SUPRAconductivité : lévitation et l'effet de Meissner–Ochsenfeld
thomson reuters
Thompson Reuters :
Financial information and innovation.  Learning about managing information for businesses and professionals (stand and film). 
FutureKids io
Future Kids
Sciences informatiques, programmation
TechSpark Happy Ladies
TechSpark Academy
Communicating information on the use of insects as alternative sources of food, feed and non-food to help protect the environment.