(14) Become a Magician using Numbers!

Workshop proposed by: Mathscope of the Université de Genève

Languages: French (2), English (1)



Learn a magician's trick in one hour. Belgian magician Gili surprises the audience by building a magic square in less than 35 seconds. In this workshop, his method is deciphered with the help of Greek-Latin squares.

Our tools: parts of different sizes and colours to be placed on a grid according to certain rules.



Workshop presented by :

14 FiorelliShaula 150   Dr. Shaula Fiorelli Vilmart, Doctorate in Mathematics

Shaula Fiorelli Vilmart is Mathscope's Scientific Manager, a site that hosts school groups as well as the general public, allowing visitors to confront mathematical questions different from those seen at school and interacting with professional mathematicians. Very active in the field of mathematical popularization, she has been involved for ten years in the Secondary classes for ludo-scientific activities. Dr Fiorelli Vilmart also collaborates with Geneva's scientific museums and the RTSdécouverte.ch website. With Dr. Pierre-Alain Cherix, she received the Prix d'Alembert for popularization, awarded by the Société Mathématique de France.