(08) Program a mobile game on a smartphone

Workshop proposed by: UniGe Infoscope

Languages: English (1), French (2)

Scratch: Programming a video game for mobile phones is as easy as 1-2-3
This workshop proposes to design, block by block, a simple game for smartphones. The activity serves as a pretext to understand the development and operating mechanisms of this particular type of mobile application.

The game is divided into two main parts: the user interface and the interactions between the player and the application. Each of the player's interactions with the interface (such as a click or drag and drop) produces an event that in turn triggers an action that modifies the game according to the scenario imagined. Programming focuses on these events as an integral part of a continuous loop of interactions between the application and the player.

The code of the generated application is installed on a smartphone to play in real life. The student will then be able to improve and embellish his game gradually.


Workshop presented by: Elie Zagury